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Xiling Seal – Engravers’ Society

Xiling Seal – Engravers’ SocietyXiling Seal – Engravers’ Society

Xiling Seal – Engravers’ Society is a well known academic society majors in studying inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets. In 1904, it was founded by the epigraphists like Ding Ren, Wang Yi, Ye Ming and Wu Yin. Wu Changshuo, a famous epigraphist, was appointed as the first Chief Secretary. Currently, there are plenty of valuable inscriptions and stone carvings in the Society including the stele of Sanlao dating back 1940 years to the Eastern Han Dynasty. This Society is also a beautiful traditional garden. Situated along the hill, the whole garden creates a serene, agreeable atmosphere that mingles scenery with art. The major buildings of the garden include the Cypress Hall, Bamboo Chamber, Revered Sages' Pavilion, Happiness Tower and Pagoda of Avatamsaka Sutra etc. Kept in the Han Sanlao stone house, is the Stele of Sanlao regarding the Taboo Names and Dates of Death with 217 legible character in remain. The cutting of stone tablets records the events which happened in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty.