Popular Attractions in Jiujiang

Gantang Lake
As the most attractive place of interest in the city, Gantan...
Lake Poyang
Situated in Jiangxi Province, Lake Poyang is Chinas largest ...
Big Solitary Hill
Big Solitary Hill is located in the South of Poyang Lake, Hu...
Stone Bell Hill
Stone Bell Hill (Shizhong Shan) is located in Shuangzhong To...
South Gate Lake
Nanmen Lake (South Gate Lake) is located in downtown Jiujian...
Suojiang Tower
Located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, Suojiang ...
Mt. Lushan Scenic Spot
Lushan is situated in the southern part of Jiujiang city in ...
Five Old Men Peak
FiveOld MenPeak is located in the southeast of the Lushan Mo...
White Deer Cave Academy
White Deer Cave Academy is located in the southern foot of W...
Immortal Cave
Immortals Cave is located in the west ridge of Tianshi Hill,...
Donglin Temple
Donglin Temple (East Wood Temple) is seated at the western f...
Dragon Head Cliff
Dragon Head Cliff (Longshou Ya) is craggy cliff in the west ...

Optional Attractions

Dragon King Palace Cave
Dragon King Palace Cave Scenic Area is located at southern f...
Yanshui Pavilion
Yanshui Pavilion is located in the southern bank of Gantang ...
Hanpo Entrance
Hanpo Entrance is located in the middle of Hanpo Peak, east ...
Three Tier Spring
Three-fold Spring Scenic Area are in the east of the Five El...
Lushan Botanic Garden
Established in 1934, Lushan Botanic Garden is a sub-tropical...
Nengren Temple
Nengren Temple is nestled at the northern foot of Lushan Mou...

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