Liujiaxia Hydroelectric Dam

Liujiaxia Hydro-Electric DamLiujiaxia Hydro-Electric Dam

Liujiaxia hydroelectric dam is one of the largest dams in the world. Built in 1974, it is located on the upstream of the Great Yellow River in Gansu Province. To be more precise, both the dam and its hydroelectric facility are located on the Liujia Gorge of the three Gorges on the yellow river.
The dam is two-hour drive away from Lanzhou City.

The dam gets its name from the Liujiaxia town nearby the site of the dam. This concrete gravity dam is almost 47 m high and from the top is nearly 16 meters wide with a total length (including the auxiliary sections) is 840 m. The basic purpose of the dam is to generate electricity and to provide water for irrigation. It is also used for controlling floods. The Liujiaxia power plant has 5 generators that can have the capacity to generate 1,225 MW of electricity.

Beside its electricity capacity, the dam is also famous for it scenery. Take the ferry at the dam and you will have excellent view: fishermen being busy at work, and peasants cultivating wheat, sunflowers and rice along steep banks. During the trip, the ferry enters a tall, hung gorge, where the river froths and churns; you'll see sections of the bank being whipped away into the waters.

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