Popular Attractions in Shangri-La

Bitahai Lake
As the highest lake in Yunnan, Bitahai Lake is true to its b...
Meili Snow Mountain
Hailed as the highest mountain in Yunnan Province, Meri Snow...
Songzanlin Monastery
Lying peacefully in the embrace of the flourishing mountains...
Baishui Tableland
Baishui Tableland, an ancient Chinese landform with a histor...
Baimang Snow Mountain
With the highest altitude of 5640 meters and the lowest 3380...
Qianhu Mountain
Starting from Zhongdian City and moving toward south about 5...
Shudugang Lake
Shudugang Lake and the Bitahai Lake are praised as the Twins...
Napa Sea
Covering an area of 1.2 million m2, the Napa Sea, which is a...
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Hailed as the Oriental Grand Canyon, the Tiger Leaping Gorge...

Optional Attractions

Deqin Prince Snow Mountain
Deqin Prince Snow Mountain is situated in the west of Shengp...
Yila Plain
As the biggest and most beautiful plain in Diqing, it occupi...
Birang Canyon
Situated down in the Small Snow Mountain in Gezan Village, B...

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