Documentary "A Bite of China" to Hit on CCTV
By: Su_R on 5/31/2012 3:00:45 AM Category: Culture
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A program called "A Bite of China" will hit CCTV next week. The program began shooting in March, 2011, and the production team went to various places in China to present audiences with the stories behind food and the culture it contains.
"The content of the program can be divided into two parts. First, it's about taste on the tongue. Second, it's about the changes in China. These two parts are closely connected. We expect that audiences will learn about the love that Chinese people have for food and about the fast development of the Chinese social economy," states Chen Xiaoqing, general director of the documentary.
Liu Wen, director of CCTV-9, said the point of the program is to let foreigners admire Chinese food and learn about cultural traditions and social changes.
Hu Zhanfan, president of CCTV, affirmed the value of the documentary. "'A Bite of China" has opened a window allowing TV audiences at home and abroad to learn about Chinese food and its culture with HD images from a human perspective."
The program is supposed to hit CCTV-1 at 22:30, beginning from May 14th. From May 23rd, it will be shown on CCTV-9 at 22:00 every night.

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