A journey of Guilin food
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Guilin, a most beautiful place under heaven, is also a world of delicacies food. Last month, my friends and I went on a journey to find out the delicate food around Guilin, which enabled him to have a better understanding of Guilin culture.


 The local Guilin food enjoys universal praise-- especially the local snacks. Guilin Rice Noodle (Mifen) is the most famous snack in Guilin. Guilin Rice noodle is very chip and healthy. It is convenient for Guilin people to have it as breakfast or lunch. And it is pliable but strong, fragrant and mellow. Oil-tea (You Cha) is another popular local delicacy. The drinking of Oil-tea is a commonplace activity among Guilin locals. The one I enjoy o lot is located at the backstreet of Zhongshan zhonglu. Guilin’s unique cuisine is a combination of both Hunan and Cantonese cuisine. As a result, its signature flavour is a balance between sweet and spicy. I also want to recommend dishes include Lipu Taro Looped Meet (lipu yutou kou rou), Steamed Mandarin Fish from the Li River (qingzheng lijiang yu), and Yangshuo Beer Fish (Yangshuo pijiu yu).


There are main six food streets in Guilin City: Binjiang Road Food Street (from Fubo Hill to Elephant Trunk Hill), West Jiefang Road Food Street, Putuo Road Food Street(intersection of Chaoyang Road), Guilin Food Town (200 meters left of Bus Station). Zhishan Road Food Street (opposite of Guilin Food Town), as well as the most famous Guilin People Mong kok Food Street (near the Central Square and bell tower).




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