Boom in Summer Tourism
By: Su_R on 7/11/2012 2:23:06 AM Category: Travel Notes
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The summer holiday is arriving. Numerous students are designing their summer holiday plan with their parents. Travel is the first choice!

According to the data from several travel agents, we get the information that the summer tourism is booming.  Among the tourism market, the number of tourists has raised around 50% compared with the same period of last year. When the river rises, the boat floats high. The price also has raised more than 20%. The excursion is more popular than the long one; besides the outbound tourism remains warm welcome.
Facing the severe competition, each travel agent carries out various attractive promotions. The most popular one is "Group Purchase", which provides us the lowest price with entire service as usual. In addition, some agents particularly design some routes for groups of students, which are more energetic and more exciting. 
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