An amazing trip in Ziyuan County!
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Located in the northeastern Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Ziyuan County seems like a bright pearl in the heart of mountainous regions. The county lies in the upstream of beautiful ZiJiang River with a distance of 107 kilometers from Guilin city. The tourism resources of the county are rich; and it enjoys various types scenery featured with prominent shapes and concentrated in location. There is no doubt that Ziyuan county won the reputation of “one of the eight key tourist scenic spots” in Guangxi.
Last weekend, we had this opportunity to take a glance at Bajiaozhai (The Octangle Mountain Village
, Ziyuan country in a big travel group . Even though the driving journey to Ziyuan County was a little time- consumed, the scenery along the way was very beautiful. There was series peculiar mountains settled beside the highway, the air was so fresh that you fell refreshed when we were in the car, and the jade green rivers looked really impressive! It was about in the lunch time when we arrived in our hotel- Dan Xia Hot Spring Resort Hotel. The hotel enjoys an elegant environment with rivers flow in the front side and the mountains in the back. After we finished our lunch in the dining hall, we headed for the famous Bajiaozhai, a destination that I am eager to go for a long time. When we were off the bus, I cannot help myself to marveling at the dangerously steep mountain in Bajiaozhai. At the same time, I saw many people are on their way to the top of the mountain with their “four feet”. When viewing afar, they just looked like ants in the mountain! After the introduction of my friends, I knew that in the heart of Yuecheng Mountain, where Hunan and Guangxi meet, there is a long, narrow basin of red conglomerate and sand stone- Bajiaozhai,  which were shaped in the early Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, about 100 million years ago.

Climbing up to the first Observation Deck turned out to be an exciting experience. Just like the old Chinese saying goes
to see is to believe and you will definitely have the same felling that Bajiaozhai is really a massive works of the nature. It not only has a fresh air and super natural environment, but also has the unique landscape---Danxia landform that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are over a hundred weirdly shaped towering mountains, jagged rocks, red peaks, caves and valleys. One such, Conch Mountain, is composed of four awl-shaped peaks, each over a hundred meters high and covered by exquisite whorls, just like gigantic conches. Bajiaozhai The Octangle Mountain Village, which is located in the extremely southern border area of Langshan between Hunan and Guangxi. As there are eight peaks connected with each other, and the eight peaks lean against one another just like a lotus flower. It is in this way that it gets its name. The best parts of the views are the “Dragon ridge” and “Sky ridge”, which are beyond description: blue sky without one piece of cloud on top of your head, steep rocks seem to be growing at approximate perpendicular angle. It is said that the mountains are full of blooming flowers, in autumn and all the trees on mountains are touched with gold. What an imposing scenery it is! In our journey, we countered a local Buddhist temple named Tianxin Temple (center of the heaven) in front of us. It was originally built in the Yuan dynasty. And there are still many local believers come to the temple to pray for harvest or good luck every year.
After we were back to Ziyuan County, about 1 hour’s drive from Bajiaozhai, on the way, we had our dinner at local restaurant and the dishes were all so delicious, especially the dish named the Zijiang Fish, which are naturally raised in the Zijiang so they are very healthy and notorious. It was very luky for us to have the opportunity to have a taste of these typical local foods there.

In the second day, when we finished the leisured breakfast in the hotel we headed for another destination, namely drifting on Zijiang River spot and Tianmen Mountian. When we were drifting in Zijiang, there was lots of amazing scenery for us to appreciate. We also saw many fish man fishing in Zijiang, which enables us to know more about local culture. After we take a cable car to the top of Tianmen Mountain, we spent a leisured time appreciating the unique scenery. And of course, I took many pictures there to keep this exciting moment forever in my heart. All in all, I will never regret spend my time to Ziyuan County this time, otherwise I will miss a good opportunity to appreciate the amazing landscape there. If time permitting, I look forward another chance to visit Ziyuan county to discover lots more beauty there. 

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