A tour to see the magnificent mountains!
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An unexpected tour was informed in last week, which I was not quite interest in just at that moment. But after this weekend, what I saw and experienced in those two days leave me a very exciting and unforgettable memory. It is totally a tour that heart and soul get relaxed and mind get broaden. In a word, it is a tour that makes me marvel at how amazing the nature is! 
It is a tour to a county in the famous tourism city Guilin, which is named Ziyuan. The two spot we went to are called Bajiaozhai and Tianmen Mountain. 
First day we go to Bajiaozhai. Bajiaozhai also called Yuntai Mountain, named for its eight rake angles in the main peaks. Besides, it is believed that Bajiaozhai is the soul of the Danxia landform in the world for its unique Danxia landscape with red stone forest, peek cluster and deep gorge. But we have made a joke that this Danxia landform is just like the cow dung arranged one after one. 
On the way to the top, we had to climb up the steep mountain road with grabbing the iron chain. It seems that the mountain is telling you that if you don’t hold me tightly, you may dangerously be blow away from my body! In the half way, there is a gorge called Shengsi Gu in Chinese, which means this gorge so precipitous that a careless step, you may lose your life. Heard from the local people that an eagle, approximately 9ponds is living there, it is so huge but we didn’t catch the chance to see it. Just reached two thirds of the mountain, we spent about two hours in climbing up and down and taking many great photos. 
Second day, we came to the Tianmen Mountain by the boat cruising along the Zijiang. Because of the heavy rain last night, the Zijiang looked like the mini version of Yellow River. It took us about one and half hours to cruise from the wharf to the Tianmen Mountain scenic spot. Just under the Tianmen Mountain, I was astonished at how majestic the Tianmen Mountain is! With the rain, the clouds were around the mountain while the fog was arising. What a fabulous landscape! We took the cable car to the top of the mountain. On the peak, there is a glass platform for you to take a grand view of these mountains region. Without any doubts, it is so wonderful that you cannot help marveling at the nature. Even though the sun and the blue sky were hiding, the rain created a more mysterious and unimaginable picture. Breathing the freshest air on the peak and appreciating the supernatural scenery have left me a deep impression. 
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