Chinese Art
By: Summer on 4/5/2011 6:40:44 PM Category: Culture

The characters all over the world fall into three parts, namely the pictography one (picture writing), the ideography one (from the writing one can tell the meaning) and the phonography one (alphabetic writing—like the English words and French words). The Chinese characters belong to the first sort and later developed into the second one, while the western characters the third one.

Legend says that during the reign of the Yellow Emperor about 5000 years ago, a man with four eyes named Cang Jie invented the Chinese characters, then calligraphy came after the invention of the characters. The calligraphy is an abstract and sublime form of art. It is often regarded as one of the most revealing forms of one's personality. Historically, many calligraphers were well known for their longevity. During the imperial time, calligraphy has been an important criterion for selection of executives to the Imperial court.

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