Ancient Naxi Music and Dongba Culture
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The ancient town of Lijiang was built in the middle of a flatland at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain. It got its name “Dayan Town’ because the town is surrounded by the tree-cover mountains on all sides with crystal clear water running in the middle of it . It has the appearance of a big Jade ink slab. And now, the town is a Historical and Cultural Heritage in China and it has been included in the World Cultural Heritage. 
In the long course of development, the ancient Naxi nationality created its own music and preserved part of the Han classical music already lost in the inland China, this music combination is what we call Ancient Naxi – “The National Treasure’. Its program consists os two sections: Baishaxiyue and Dongjingyinyue. The former, believed to be the music of the Yuan Dynasty, is preserved in that it is one of the few-length classical orchestral music pieces; the latter, combing the Han and Naxi music styles in performance, is the music introduced to Lijiang during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Ancient Naxi Music reemerged in 1986. From generations to generations, the performances have sensations at home and aboard. Ancient Naxi music, a legacy of ancient Chinese music, is an indispensable part of the ancient town.

Unique culture is the soul if the Lijiang ancient town. Dongba culture is the integral part of Naxi culture, referred to as the ancient culture of the ethnic Naxi. It is called so because it is mostly found in the Dongba region, which is believed to be one thousand years old. It chiefly consist of scriptures, paintings, music, a kind of pictograph, processing more than 1,400 characters, is believed to be the only well preserved living pictographic language in the world. It is a precious cultural heritage of human being. About 40,000volumes of Dongba pictographic characters have been found today, all written in Dongba pictographic characters. These scriptures are kept in the liberalities respectively. The Dongba dance chart, recorded in Dongba pictographic, is among the earliest in the world.

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