A Bite of China
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    In terms of man’s evolution, the evolution of taste buds seems to be the fastest. People love fancy food for it can satisfy their increasingly demanding taste buds: Chinese love shark fin, French goose liver sauce, and Russians caviar.

    The "A Bite of China" Chinese documentary series took the country by storm earlier this year. Now, CCTV-9 has made available on its website the English versions of all seven episodes of the series.
The show first appeared back in May, with each episode showcasing different ingredients, dishes and restaurants throughout China.

    Here's the list of episodes:
1: Gifts from Nature
2: The Story of Staple Foods
3: Inspiration for Change
4: The Taste of Time
5: Secrets of the Kitchen
6: A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors
7: Our Farm

    Naturally, Chinese folks have declared their love for this show, but did you know that the Guardian has speculated that this could possibly be the best TV food show ever? That's a bold claim. International viewers will eventually get to judge for themselves, as China's taking the documentary on the road with plans to broadcast it in 20 countries.

    The documentary has caused a rare resonance among viewers. Intentionally or not, ‘A Bite of China’ has engendered a renewed consciousness about environmental degradation and food safety that sends a loud message to the authorities.

    Because the series has struck such a deep chord with viewers, making it one of the most popular documentaries ever produced by CCTV, Chen Xiaoqing, the series’ leading director, said his crew will keep on filming for both home viewers and audiences abroad.  Another series with similar themes is already in the works.

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