Guilin Tours---Zhuang’s New Year in China
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New Year is coming! For much of the globe this involves sipping bubbly with friends until the sun comes up, seeing out the old year with bonfires and flares and off-key renditions of Auld Lang Syne. If you still plan to spend your New Year like that, I have to say “Oh, it sucks!” Go! Guilin Tours is your best choice during your New Year---to touch the unique Chinese minority culture!

"Ya nian fan压年饭" : At New Year’s Eve, Zhuang people will cook enough rice, commonly known as "ya nian fan ", which bodes for a harvest and rice enough in the coming year. The first day of Zhuang’sNew Year is the most solemn day. Every girl and woman will pick the bucket and go to the riverside to get water, because they believe that the first day of the lunar year’s water is pure and lucky.

“Chun niu春牛” : On New Year's Day families eat together, otherwise kids and adults would have run out to dance with “Chun niu”. "Chun niu", which is not a really cattle, in fact is bamboo cattle wearing clothes. Zhuang people will follow the “Chun niu” every place to wish others “Happy New Year”!

Zhuang people don't have such customs: shaking hands, getting on the ground, praying and Zuo Yi. If they meet acquaintances on the road, they will say “Have a thriving and happy new year” to each other.This is not a common word! This is the most sincere blessing for Zhuang people!

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