A Rape Flower Tour in Yangshuo: Holding Hands Together in Rape Flowers Sea
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People say, “Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin.” As the Spring Festival is coming, one of the best places for whole family or couples or lovers to travel is Yangshuo, while the rape flowers sea in Yangshuo is the must-see view.

Some consider it will be very cold in Yangshuo during the Spring Festival, while it is not true. The temperature in Yangshuo is about 8-18 C during the Spring Festival, which is very suitable for flowers blossoming. Every year the rape flower sea will attract numerous visitors to travel in Yangshuo. Warm sunlight, green hill and clean water, litter wild flowers those all consist a charming spring picture. No matter which ways you choose, you could enjoy the natural Yangshuo and the rape flower sea!! Have a wonderful Guilin tours!

Best itinerary:

1. Cycling from Yang Di to Xingping along Li River
Ride a bicycle to enjoy picturesque Guilin and experience local people's life and taste authentic Guilin snacks is the best way when you travel in Guilin. Bicycles can be rented at most of hotels, some travel agents and some bicycle shops. The charge depends on the type of the bicycle and how long you want to rent. The daily rate is approximately from CNY10 to CNY20.

2. One day Li River Cruise from Guilin City to Yangshuo 
There are three docks around downtown of Guilin and two main docks in the suburb for passenger transport service. The three docks around downtown are Zhiyintai Dock, Wenchang Bridge Dock and Six Horse Dock. These three docks are mainly designed for tourists who want to have an amazing cruise on Guilin Water System (Two Rivers & Four Lakes) from 9:30am to 9:30pm. This tour will cost you 90min to enjoy unique sceneries along the cruise, such as Verdant trees, colorful flowers, elegant pavilions, celebrity former dwellings, crystal and clear water and traditional Chinese bridges. You will not only experience a picturesque Guilin, but also a fantastic Guilin with profound cultures.

Food: Steamed pork with rice flavor in lotus leaves; Sugar Taro; Horse meat rice noodles 



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