The List of 2013 Spring Festival Gala Evening is Freshly Published
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On the eve of New Year, watching the Spring Festival Gala Evening is a must-do thing for Chinese as the whole family from the young to the old sit together to have the New Year's Eve dinner. So far, it is 2 days to watch the Spring Festival Gala Evening so that millions Chinese are eager to wait for the list of 2013 Spring Festival Gala Evening. Today the list of 2013 Spring Festival Gala Evening has been published finally by CCTV.

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening is a Chinese New Year special produced by China Central Television. Broadcast on the eve of Chinese New Year on its flagship CCTV-1, satellite channels CCTV-4, CCTV-9, CCTV-E, CCTV-F, and CCTV-HD, the broadcast has a yearly viewership of over 700 million viewers, making it one of the premiere television events of Mainland China. It's the television show with the largest audience in the world. The show features various acts, such as drama, dance, music, and comedy. It is not only a simple evening, but also a spiritual food for the whole Chinese throughout the world.

2013 is the snake year in China. Snakes are lucky with finances; they always seem to have money flowing their way. They are adventurous spirits and love to take risks. They are also very intelligent and often a wellspring of creative ideas. Water Snakes love to socialize and meet new friends. They are proud of their achievements, and also very thoughtful and considerate of others.

Happy New Year!



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