Sichuan Food
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 Sichuan, a beautiful place in China, is also a world of delicacies food. 

Sichuan cuisine is legendary in China for its sophistication and diversity. It has over 5,000 different dishes.Sichuan cuisine has enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Many people around the world tend to think of Sichuan food as a hot or spicy food. One may wonder why the red pepper is so popular in Sichuan cuisine. The truth is that Sichuan province has a humid climate owing to its unique environment, which produces richest bamboo, the finest food for lovely panda. Studies showed that red pepper made spicy food can effectively reduce internal dampness in human’s body.

Sichuan cuisine has another important ingredient called “Huajiao” or flower pepper. It is a special Chinese pepper from the prickly ash tree. It has a totally different Cook-a reddish brown fruit. Huajiao creates a most sudden numb effect on one’s tongue.

Sichuan cuisine so carefully balances color, smell, flavor, shape and nutrition. Its dishes not only look appealing, but also nutritious and tasting. Now Sichuan cuisine is proud to be one of the famous cuisines in Chinese food system.So when you want to have China Tours, you should remember to have a visit to Sichuan, remember to have a great journey of Sichuan food!

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