Taishan Mountain
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 In spring, most people enjoy spring outings. Visiting a mountain is a good choice to enjoy the beauty and vitality of spring. At the same time, people can get more exercise when climbing the mountain. Refer to mountains in China, I think of Taishan Mountain.

Mount Tai is one of the “Five Great Mountains” It is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal, and is often regarded the foremost of the five. Taishan Mountain locates in the east of North China Plain and the middle of Shandong province erecting from the Shandong hills. As a mountainous scenic spot, Taishan Mountain has high values in term of aesthetics and science, especially the aesthetic value, which is the foundation for Taishan Mountain becoming a famous mountain in the history and the world natural and cultural heritage today. We can say that Taishan Mountain is the symbol of spiritual culture of China and the unique heritage of the world.

The most famous scenic spots are Eighteen Bends, South Gate to Heaven, Jade Emperor Peak and Rising Sun.

If you have China Vacations, Taishan Mountain is a great place to visit.

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