Mount Heng (Shanxi)
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Mount. Heng, located in Shanxi Province, is one of the Five Great Mountains, and one of the five tallest peaks in China. Heng Shan in Shanxi Province is sometimes known as the Northern Heng Shan, while the one in Hunan Province as Southern Heng Shan. Both mountains have the same pronunciation in Chinese, and the Southern Heng Shan is also one of the Five Sacred Mountains.

Possessing unique natural scenery, Heng Shan Mountain gains high reputation and is considered as a natural and cultural heritage site. Heng Shan Mountain was listed as the state level scenic spot by the State Council in 1982, and it is in the tentative list of second group of National Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2009.

The main scenic spots in Heng Shan are the following.

Xuankong Temple (or Suspended Temple)

In China, the Xuankong Temple is the only existing temple which combines Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism together. It was built among the cliffs, suspended in midair in the late years of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Looked from afar, the temple is like an exquisite relief sculpture; looked at close quarters, the temple is on the point of flying into the sky. The famous poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty wrote "zhuangguan" (which means "spectacular") on the cliff wall. And the great traveler Xu Xiake of the Ming Dynasty called the Suspended Temple "a marvelous wonder" in his travel notes.

Golden Dragon Gorge

Golden Dragon Gorge, situating between Tianfeng Ridge and Cuiping Ridge, is an inconceivable abyss. From ancient to modern times, here is a natural barrier and important traffic thoroughfare. In the spot, there is Ancient Pland Path, which also named Sky Attic.

Aprart from them, Beiyue Temple which built in 1502, is the most magnificent temple in Mount. Heng. Visitors can also enjoy the great cloudscape and special pine tree here. Spring is a great time to have China Tours, if you have China Vacations, Mount. Heng would be a great place.

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