Mount Hua
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 Mount Hua, known as Xiyue, is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shanxi province. It is one of China's Five Great Moungtains,and has a long history of religious significance. It is well known for steep trails, breath-taking cliffs, narrow passages, and grand sceneries. 

There are five peaks: the South peak, also called the Goose-Landing Peak, is the highest at 2,160 meters; the East peak is also called the Sunrise Peak; the West peak the Lotus Peak; the North peak - the Cloud Terrace Peak; and the Middle peak - the Jade Maid Peak.

 The trails through Mount Hua are particularly challenging. There are more than 210 narow pathways planked over or chiseled in cliffs. The most famous one is the Sky Ladder, the Gray Dragon Peak, the Thousand Stairs, the Clouds Ladder. The most adventurous scenic spots are the Sparrow Hawk Flipping, and the Long Sky Pathway, which are at the top of cliffs. 

Historically, the Mount Hua has been close to the early centers of Chinese civilization. Legendary kings of China such as Huang Di, Yao, and Shun all paid visits to Mount Hua. Dozens of emperors of the Qin, Han, Tang dynasties used to hold sacred rituals here. For thousands of years, Buddhist and Taoist monks and pilgrims have traveled here, established monasteries, and practised alchemy in the Mount Hua. Today there are more than 20 Taoist monasteries. The most famous is the Jade Spring Temple and the East Tao Temple. 

When you have China Tours, paying visit to the Mount Hua is truly unique and worthwhile especially if you are capable physically and adventurous spiritually. From the supreme summit of Mount Hua, you can see the Yellow River. The spectacular sunset and sunrise, nature's grandest scenery, and the challenge will make your journey to Mount Hua a truly remarkable event.

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