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 Located in the west of China’s He’nan Provence, Mount Song is one of China's Five Great Mountains. The Mount Song scenic spot is included in the list of the first batch of state-level scenic spots, and was rated as the World Geopark in 2004. Moreover, in 2007, Songshan Shaolin Temple scenic spot was authorized as one National 5Atorist attraction.


Through the ages, Mount Song has attracted thousands of Emperors, ministers, scholars, eminent monk and many other kinds of people coming here to offer sacrifices, go sightseeing, seclude, or give lectures. According to the records, there are at least 40 emperors keeping in close touch with Mount Song, like Emperor Yao and Emperor Wu of Han. Mount Song has kinds of historical remains created by visitors. Wandering around the mountain, you may think of many poems, article, and legends. It is really a place full of scholar breath.


The most famous scenic spots here are Shaolin Temple which is the birthplace of Buddhism’s Chan Zen in China and the cradle of China’s Shaolin Wushu; Zhongyue Tempe, the Taoist resort in China; and the Songyang Academy, the place for Buddhism activities.


If you have China Tours, Mount Song would be a great place for you to have a great journey of Chinese culture. 


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