Shangsi Festival
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Today is Shangsi Festival. Shansi Festival, also known as the Double Third Festival, is an ancient Chinese festival which is celebrated on the third day of the third month of the Chinesse calendar. 

The day is also traditionally considered to be a possible birthday of the Yellow Emperor. In Chinese legend, Queen Mother held the Immortal Peach Party this day. Queen mother has two kinds of magic treasure: the immortal peach and elixir. The immortal peach can give people everlasting life. Queen Mother is regarded as the longevity deity. Apart from that, Double Third day is also the birthday of Zhenwu Emperor of Taoism.

The festival is related to several nationalities in China, such as Han nationality, Zhuang nationality, Dong nationality, etc. Double Third kermis, Double Third Valentine’s activity, and Double Third folk song activity are popular and common activities on this festival. In addition, people would go for an outing by the water, picnic, and pluck orchids. It is also a day for invoking cleansing rituals to prevent disease and get rid of bad luck.   



If you have your China Tours these days, you can pay a visit to the following places to enjoy the festival. They are Yunnan province, where you would enjoy our Chinese Valentine’s Day; Guilin, where you would join the folk song activity; and Jiangdu Ancient Town, where hold the Double Third kermis.

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