Guilin Travel Guide
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"While the river seems to be a green silk ribbon hills here are just like jasper hairpins." Located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin has always been a famous historic and cultural city in China, reputed as "the landscape in Guilin, the best under heaven."

The name "Guilin" means "forest of osmanthus" which was derived owing to the abundance of these sweet-smelling flowers throughout the region. Guilin has a temperate sub-tropical climate which a high-average level of rain-full which keeps it green and cool almost all year round. Guilin is really destination that you can travel any time of the year.

Guilin is globally renowned for its stunning carst scenery which was brought about by vast ocean that previous covered Guangxi, The upheaval movement of the earth crust sent the limestone on the seabed up above the water, which exposed, weathered and eroded for a long time in the air has become forests of peaks of fantastic shapes, labyrinths of dissolved caves and marvelous rias under the ground, these remaining structure cover Guilin and its surrounds constantly looming in an almost eerie fashion. The line of Qing poetry has become synonymous with Guilin's landscape: "the landscape in Guilin, the best under heaven!"

Guilin is also an ancient city of culture. With a history of over 2,000 years, it has accumulated a profound base of culture. In the Warring States Period, here was under the rule of the Kingdom of Chu. After the unification of the country by the Qin Guilin was made a prefecture with the Ling Canal created to link up the Xiang River and Li River, thereby making Guilin a town of importance for teaching the sea to the south and a thoroughfare hub up to the central China in the north. The long history and rich culture had made Guilin to be appraised as a historical and cultural city in China in 1982 and in 1985; it was followed with the crowning as one of the ten major scenic spots, next only to the Great Wall in the country. Finally, it was further made a tourist city being put on the list for key construction into a tourist city in China as well as one of the four major tourist cities promoted by the WTO to the world.

When touring in Guangxi, Guilin should be the starting point. A one-day tour of ancient sites in Guilin include: City for King of the Ming Dynasty, Sea of Osmanthus Trees with Forest of Steles, Solitary Beauty Peak, Elephant Trunk Hill, Tamilng Waves Hill, Pild Silk Hill, Nanxi Hill, Seven Star Park and the Reed Flute Cave as well as the Banyan Lake and China Fir Lake. However, the focus of your travel must be a slow boat ride up the Li River to Yangshuo with sheer cliffs flanking you from both sides. We guarantee that your trip the Li River will be unlike anything you have ever done before, it is as if you are sailing through a beautifully painted scroll of art, with the imperious carst hills staring down at you, it is bound to leave you breathless.

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