Have a Journey to Gaochang Mountains and Gaochang Ruins
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Gaochang Mountains, also named Flaming Mountains are a group of barren, eroded, red sandstone hills in Tian Shan Mountain range, China’s Xinjiang.

The mountain climate is harsh, and the extremely high summer temperatures make this the hottest spot in China, frequently reaching 50 °C or higher. It is said that Tong Shan grows no plants or lives no animals because of the harsh climate. Every summer, sun blazing, the mountain shines with the extremely hot sunshine. The broiling airflows are just like flams toward the heaven. In that case, the mountain was named Flaming Mountains.

Flaming Mountains plays an important role in Silk route and literary. It is said that Gaochang is one important town in Silk route. In your China Tours, have a journey to Gaochang ruins, you could look around the whole town and imagine how prosperous the Gaochang town was. Apart from Gaochang Ruins, there is Thousand-Buddha Cave which shows you a picture combining humanity with nature.

In Journey to the West, one of the four major classical novels, the Monkey King created a disturbance in the heavens and knocked over a kiln, causing embers to fall from the sky to the place where the Flaming Mountains are now. Then, when he accompanied Xuan Zang to the west, he was hindered by the Flaming Mountain. He had no choice hut to borrow the palm-leaf fan three times to get through the mountain. Since that, Flaming Mountain is well-known around the world.

Though Flaming Mountains are the hottest area in China, there are many valleys with forest and spring water surrounding. Because of the harsh weather, malons and fruits there grow well and they are so sweet. I believe you will fall in love with them if you try in you China Tours there.

The native people there are Uyghur nationality. They are born hospital. Going into the Turban City, you will find men wear floret cap in specially shape and robe when women wear jacket and skirt saying “yakxi mus zi” to you. That means hello.

Have a journey to the Flaming Mountains, I believe you will have a good time.

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