Xichang Ancient City
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Xichang Ancient City is located in the center of Liangshan Prefecture. It is the political, economic, cultural and traffic center of the autonomous prefecture. In ancient times, Xichang has been an important town at the southwest border. For its historical significance, Xichang was list as provincial level cultural city by Sichuan government.

Thanks to the balmy climate, the moon looks brighter and bigger than it in other places. For it, people gave Xichang a songful name, the City of Moon. In addition, Xichang Satellite Launch Center is located in Xichang, Xichang is also named astronautics city.

The main scenic spots in Xichang are West Han Dynasty earth city relic, white pagoda built in Tang Dynasty, King Jingzhuang’ temple, and Masjid.


When you have your China vacations, have a trip to Xichang Ancient City to have a look at the city with more than two thousand years history. Wandering in this city, you will enjoy the beautiful moon scene, Chinese ancient architecture art and Chinese modern technologies.

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