Enjoy a Trip to Pingxiang Ancient City
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        Guangxi Pingxiang, located in the China-Vietnam boarder, is the trade center between China and Vietnam since Song dynasty. It was the key path of southern Silk Road. Pingxiang Ancient City was a military fortress when there was war, while it is the trade center when peaceful. In 1992, Pingxiang city was approved to be a boarder open city, which shares a series of preferential policies. On Dec. 19, 2008, the State Council officially approved to set up the Pingxiang Free Trade Zones.

Puzhai and Nonghuai boarder trade management area is a famous boarder area in Guangxi even in China. With a strong business climate and exotic atmosphere, it is a good place for you to go shopping and traveling during your China vacations.

With long history, Pingxiang Ancient City has many historical sites. Friendship Gate, one of the Nine Famous Gate in China, records the history of patriotic army protecting nation, while Jinji ancient forts and Dalian Mountain wrote down the history of China-France war. Apart from historical sites, there are also other attractive sites. Such as Baiyu Cave which shows us an amazing fairyland on earth, and the world’s second largest subtropical botanical garden of rare species.

Pingxiang Ancient City is a must visit place in your China Tours if you go to Guangxi.

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