Have a Close Look at Zedang Ancient Town
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Zedang Town is about 190 kilometers to Lhasa. Located in the east to the confluence of Yalong River and Brahmaputra, Zedang Town is one traffic hinge in the south of Tibet. There is a legend about Zedang.

It is said that, there were three immortal caves separately living a Bodhisatva, a monkey transfer from a god because of breaking commandments, and a beautiful siren. Later, the monkey married the siren in accordance to the Bodhisatva’s order and had six monkeys. Monkeys multiplied from generation to generation and became the Tibetan nationality eventually. In Zedang, there are many caves with scriptures on the walls. Monkeys are respected by people there.

Zetang has been the capital of Yarlung since ancient times and was the seat of the ancient emperors of Tibet and, as such, a place of great importance. Now, the service facilities like business, catering, and traffic are completed. Kangzhu Feature Street is a special street show people farming culture, garden culture, and secular culture. There are Jibu Kalin Park, Zhaxi dele central square, and shopping mall so on.

If you are interested in Tibet culture, come here during your China Vacations. Visiting Zedang Ancient Town, you will know more about the history of Tibetan nationality and enjoy their customs.

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