Xingcheng Ancient City, a Quaint City
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           Along the Ocean Bo Bay, there is a beautiful bright pearl—Xingcheng Ancient City. Located in the southwest of Liaoning province, Xingcheng is bordering Ocean Bo to the southeast and next to Mountain Rehe on the northeastern side.

Xingcheng is linked closely to central plain culture and central government in the long history. At the end of primitive society, there were human beings living in Xingcheng. In Ming Dynasty, Xingcheng Ancient City was built by the government. Now, Xingcheng Ancient City has become the best preserved ancient city built in Ming Dynasty.

There are four streets intersecting into a cross in which stands an ancient building. Looking around from the top of the building, you will find the ancient city much quaint. In Qing dynasty, Emperor Qianlong once composed poetry for the Zu’s stone memorial archway. Buildings in Xingcheng Ancient City are classical and quaint.

Xingcheng Ancient City is a historical cultural city. In Xingcheng, the ancient wall is a National Relic Protection Unit when the Xingcheng shore is a National Key Scenic Spot.

With long history, picturesque landscape, balmy climate, abundant resources and convenient traffic, Xingcheng Ancient City would be a designable destination for you in your China Tours

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