Chinese garden (II)
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Last time, I have introduced the brief history about Chinese garden to all of you. Today, I’d like to say some words about its general composition, classification and its position in people’s heart.

Chinese gardens generally consist of halls, towers, pavilions, kiosks, terraces, waterside gazebos, covered corridors, hills, and ponds or lakes. A variety of garden-building techniques, accumulated by ancient Chinese designers, have made the scenery of the gardens look changeable, thus adding artistic appeal to the gardens.

Classical Chinese gardens and parks are classified into two groups: imperial and private. The imperial parks are built in a grand and spectacular style and are located mostly in north China, such as the Summer Palace which was always recommended as a tourist destination for people’s China tours by China travel agency, and Chengde Mountain Resort in Hebei Province. Some are joined to the imperial palace, such as Beihai Park and Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

The design of Chinese gardens was to provide a spiritural utopia for one to connect with nature, to come back to one’s inner heart. Chinese gardens are a spiritual shelter for people, a place they could be far away from their real social lives, and close to the ancient way of life, their true selves, and nature.

When you plan your China trip, just choose one Chinese garden to enjoy the special culture of Chinese gardens.

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