Chinese garden (IV)
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I remember that I have mentioned the composition before. Today, I want to talk about some it further. While wandering around the Chinese gardens during your China holidays, you may see architecture, water, plants, and rock. Yes, they are the essential elements for building a Chinese garden. Last time, I have introduced the most popular plants may meet your eyes in your China Tours, now I’d like to say some words about architecture, water, and rock.

Architecture is the primary element of design. The garden scenes are all constructed to be best viewed from a pavilion. A more dynamic although inferior scene may be seen from a path. It is the location of the building; however, that determines the circulation of paths. The path itself can become architectonic by the addition of roof and screen wall. These screen walls often have moon-shaped doorways and small windows in the shapes of vases and apples.

Chinese gardens usually feature a central pond and several offshooting streams. The goal of the design is to make the scenery beautiful, the surrounding is quiet and cool, and the landscape wonderful. Temples, resthouses and short bridges are common features. Also, small fountains were a favorite.

Rocks are used both for structural and sculptural purposes. The sculptural Taihu rock is especially prized because it represents wisdom and immortality, and is only procurable from Tai Lake, just west of Suzhou. During the Song dynasty, they were the most expensive objects in the empire. Such rocks, combined with streams and pools, form the basis of a garden’s plan.

When you plan your China trip, just choose one Chinese garden to enjoy the special culture of Chinese gardens. 


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