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The smell of summer is everywhere. The hot sunshine, the clean blue sky, the sunglasses, etc. meet our eyes almost every day. Since ancient times, people have been exploring ways to spend the hot summer days comfortably. Kings, High officials and noble lords have built kinds of summer villas. Today I’d love to introduce the largest imperial park in China as some China Travel Agencies recommended for people’s China trip. That is the Chengde Mountain Resort.

The largest imperial park still existing in China is the Chengde Mountain Resort, formerly named Rehe Imperial Touring Lodge. Located in Chengde, Hebei Province, it covers 564 hectares, twice the area of the Summer Palace, and is surrounded by mountain, and dotted with lakes. With a fairly high elevation, the park is cool in summer, and Qing Dynasty emperors frequently went there to escape the heat of the Beijing summer and conducted with government affairs amid the pleasant breezes. Now, many people tend to have a small trip to Chengde to experience royal life during their China holidays.

The Chengde Mountain Resort has two sections: the palace area and the scenic area, which is further divided into lake, plain, and hilly areas. The lake area occupies 58 hectares, half of which is covered by water. The islets, bridges and dams divide the water into several lakes of varied shapes and sizes. Featuring hot springs, cascades, and brooks, the lake area was a favorite of the Qing emperors and their families. Here, many of the scenic attractions was built after the model of southern gardens, and were built at the order of Emperor Qian Long (reigned 1737-1795) after he had toured the South several times.

Chengde Mountain Resort is a must-visit place for you to escape the heat of the summer if you have China Tours in hot summer. I believe you will have a great time visiting Chengde Mountain Resort.


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