Secrets of the Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling revealed
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As the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, I’d like to introduce one kind of typical food people usually made in this festival. Many people fall in love with rice dumpling revealed after their China holidays during Dragon Boat Festival. Let’s see how to make it.

Dragon boat dumplings, pyramidal leaf-wrapped packages filled with glutinous rice, meat, beans, salty egg yolks, and other exciting things. These treats are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Here, Lui teaches us how to make them.

Mrs. Lui has been a cooked food stall owner in Kowloon for over 30 years. She followed in her father’s footsteps and learned rice dumpling recipes from her father. Some new customers need to be taught how to store and reheat the rice dumplings. “Never put the rice dumplings in a sealed bag or box. The flavors will go off quicker," she says. The rice dumpling needs fresh air to breathe. Also if refrigerated the rice dumplings can last up to two weeks. Don’t freeze them as this will also make them lose flavor. You can steam or boil them; steaming will take longer but tastes better than boiling.

The rice dumplings are wrapped with steamed bamboo leaves and reed. To wrap a rice dumpling, take two steamed bamboo leaves and put them on top of one another. Fold them inwards to create a pocket.

Fill with uncooked glutinous rice and other beans or peanuts. Place on top a piece of raw marinated pork belly and a salted duck egg yolk. The pork belly is marinated with Chinese five spice, soy sauce and sesame oil. The fat from the pork belly and the fragrance of duck egg yolk will permeate the whole rice dumpling.

Place more glutinous rice on top of the pork belly and duck egg yolk until the bamboo wrap is full and cannot hold any more.

Fold the bamboo wrap over the rice filling creating a small pyramid shaped packet. Rice dumplings are wrapped a day before sale and cooked for two-and-a-half hours before being sold at room temperature.

Have you known how to make it? If you love it, just have a try during your China trip on Dragon Boat Festival.


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