Archive June 13, 2022

The most famous wind and rain bridge in Sanjiang, Guangxi

Wind and Rain Bridge, also known as Flower Bridge and Blessing Bridge, is a distinctive bridge type mainly popular in Hunan province, Guizhou Province, Guangxi province, and other places. The whole body is covered with rain Bridges, mainly composed of Bridges, towers, pavilions, etc. The guardrail, chairs, and roof of the bridge are covered with tiles.

Due to its unique architectural type and strong cultural connotation, the Wind and Rain Bridge is called one of the world’s top ten unimaginable road Bridges, as it provides easy shelter from the rain.

Standing beside the river, the bridge combines the concrete moon-shaped single bridge with the characteristics of the Dong ethnic group. There are seven bridge pavilions in total.

This time, I followed the theme of “March 3 Guangxi Vacation Tourism” to walk into The Dong Autonomous County of Sanjiang, Guangxi, where I felt the learning atmosphere of the dong people, especially the Wind and Rain Bridge of Sanjiang river helped me to leave a deep impression.

The concrete architectural decoration material of the wind and Rain Bridge is centered on Chinese fir trees. During the construction, the architectural designer did not use nails completely. There are countless holes in the tree column, and the structure is slanted through with mortise and tenon joints.

In the eyes of tourists, the wind and rain Bridges of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Guangxi province are numerous and varied, producing unique landscape gardens. “Wind and Rain Bridges of Sanjiang River” is the most magnificent, though not the most time-honored.

Standing on the “Wind and Rain Bridge of Sanjiang river”, you can have a panoramic view of Sanjiang County and feel the unique style of Dong Autonomous Region. With the development of tourism in Guangxi, Sanjiang has become a popular tourist destination for more and more people, and tourists from all over the world come here one after another. Every time to “three rivers wind bridge”, foreign tourists will be surprised by this elegant and generous traditional road bridge, have not thought of the “world’s first” wooden bridge? It is really hard to imagine, and I admire the great intelligence of the people.