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By: Kane on 5/10/2011 11:52:18 PM Category: Travel Notes
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We are crazy about the coming exciting expedition.
The night before May 7, we finally booked the airport bus after such a long planning. “The airport bus is here in the company gate, hurry up...”, a surprising call woke me up in the early dark morning. Having checked through the luggage that I had packed days before, I equipped myself with the amazingly thick clothes against the coldness in Russia, the expedition destination.

I got on the bus with my suitcase at an incredible speed, without knowing why I can run so fast--too cold or too excited. Several minutes later, other five partners, two boys and three girls, got on the bus. Our expedition started in darkness--half past five before dawn.

The sweet chocolate cake makes us reluctant to leave, while the pleasant sunshine and soft sand are waiting for us. At the thought of leaving the world of snow for the charming beach, I am as if flying and wondering in the sky. We can’t wait to get rid of the thick feather dresses at the airport and put on the light and comfortable summer wear—COOL!

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