Rebirth of the Ancient Commercial Street Xianyukou in Beijing
By: Susan on 5/12/2011 6:32:34 PM Category: Travel News
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Xianyukou, with a history of over 570 years, has just reopened to the public on May 8th after a three-year renovation. As a renowned Hutong in Beijing, this folk custom commercial hub connects to the Qianmen Shopping Street and houses many ancient brands in the field of theaters, restaurants, TCM drugstores, shoe stores, bathhouses, photo studios and various workshops of handcrafts.

Xianyu, with the meaning of ‘fresh fish’ in English, indicates its culinary history. Nowadays, it becomes a good place to experience Old Beijing Culture, having a cup of tea in a teahouse, choosing your favorite handcrafts among different shops, or tasting authentic Chinese dishes.

The rebirth of the Xianyukou shows that Old Beijing is not lost. When you are in Beijing or plan to visit Beijing, do not forget to have a stroll on this time-honored street.

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