Xi'an opened a major international horticultural expo
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Xi'an, the provincial capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, opened a major international horticultural expo on April 28 as it seek to promote its history as one of China's ancient capitals.

The expo is taking place on Guangyun Lake in the city's eastern Baqiao district, which used to be one of ancient China's key seaports

The Expo's park covers 418 hectares, 188 of which are covered by water. It will feature four buildings - a 90m-high tower, a nature pavilion, a greenhouse and a main gate.

Master gardeners from Germany, Spain, the UK, the US, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark and China will each design a subpark. All nine will remain open to the public after the Expo concludes.

The expo focuses on natural beauty in a cultural context, with the ideas of peace and harmony between nature and mankind and nurturing the earth - a natural city, co-existing in peace.

An opening ceremony was held in the morning near the Chang'an Tower, a Chinese-style pagoda that serves as one of the city's landmarks.

The expo also demonstrates a wide variety of gardening styles from both China and abroad. The expo's European Avenue sports white stone sculptures of angels and a "dancing" water fountain, which are integrated into the area's neatly groomed shrubbery and flowers, giving viewers a glimpse of a typical European-style garden.

Every architectural element is expected to blend with the environment and the buildings are meant to flatter rather than challenge the local terrain. Pathways are interwoven and heritage comes with the latest advances in green technology.


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