A China Vacation of Lifetime
By: Alexander on 5/18/2011 6:55:01 PM Category: Travel Notes
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It was such a wonderful vacation, definitely an experience of lifetime- and the homestays were the best!! What an amazing opportunity that was for us to get a more real experience of being in China. If I were younger I would want to learn Chinese and go live there for a year or so. As I age I feel a strong sense of wanting to know what the world really is and will be like when I'm gone. I want to feel that there's good hope for understanding and peace in the world - and I so felt that among the people we met there. How could all those hardworking, intelligent and kind folks, who are striving to do their best and who care so much about their children, put up with anything but the best of opportunities? I'm not worried for two generations from now, and maybe only one.
In Shanghai, the sheer bigness of buildings and squares and traffic and crowds was impressive to me especially too, in the ways that somehow it all appeared to be working in usually peaceful and often exciting ways.
And of course the cutting edge of things is always exciting to
experience - Shanghai being especially great for that. Besides the
variety and creativity in the tall buildings and the amazing Shanghai
Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art there was mind-blowing to me.
With a beautiful exhibit of art by emerging young artists, the works
were often both quite delicate and also wrenching - most stimulating!
I wondered if there was much censorship and if it didn't somehow make
for greater discipline and help to create art that was more deeply
meaningful.... and of course with the rich history of art you all have
under your skin somewhere...

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