Not easy
By: Kane on 5/25/2011 1:21:54 AM Category: Travel Notes
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As we said that any trip in Tibet is not to be taken lightly.
When normal vehicles won’t do in the desert, we have to resort to specialist vehicles. At times, we were using quad bikes to get up sand dunes, to get to the most challenging places. Even then, sometimes quad-bikes would not do the trick and then we had to resort to the ultimate in desert transport, which is camel. However, the problem is that the camel does not like the heavy luggage, so we tented to travel light.
When the world’s deepest gorge—the Yarlung Gorge comes to our mind, we decided to have a close look. This is a place like low intensity warfare. We went through the rope bridges that are in a fairy poor state of repair over the gorge, look down from which you just see and hear this mountain of water.  
Great trip is it!
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