Guilin Shenlong Water World Resort Officially Opens to Visitors
By: peterwang on 5/28/2011 7:33:10 PM Category: Travel News

On May 19th, a new tourist attraction in Guilin, Shenlong Water World Resort, was officially opened to visitors from home and abroad. It is located at the Caopin Township of Hui Nationality, Yanshan District, 37 km from Guilin city proper. As one of the key tourist attractions in Lijiang River East-Bank New Tourist District, Shenlong Water World Resort covers an area of 959 mu (unit of area equal to 0.667 hectares), with forest coverage rate amounting to 80%. It is centered on themes of ‘water culture’, ‘dragon culture’ and ‘adventure’ culture.

Opening hours: 08:30--16:00
Getting there: take bus heading to Guanyan, and get off at Shenlong Water World and it takes about one hour.


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