Beginning of the Exploration
By: Kane on 5/29/2011 5:53:21 PM Category: Travel Notes
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Our exploration of China begins in the warm subtropical south area. On the Li river fishermen and birds perch on bamboo rafts, a partnership that goes back more than a thousand years. The scenery here is know through out the world—a recurring motif in Chinese paintings and major tourists attraction.
The south China is a vast area, eight times larger than the UK. It is a landscape of hills, but also of water. It rains here for up to 250 days a year and standing water is everywhere. In the floodplain of the Yangtze River, black-tailed godwits probe the mud in search of worms, but it is not just wildlife that thriving in this environment, the swampy ground provides ideal conditions for the remarkable member of the grass family--rice. The Chinese have been cultivating rice for at least 8000 years. It has transformed the landscape.
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