Why Talk Loudly, No Applause and Leave Early?
By: Alexander on 6/1/2011 6:22:25 PM Category: Travel Notes
Tags: ,Talk Loudly, No Applause, Leave Early, in Public,

I enjoyed the show Impression--Liu Sanjie very much! It was a great show that I've never seen before. But I couldn't understand why people around us did not applaud, why they talk quite loudly and why they leave before the actors and actresses acknowledge the audience...It's considered very rude and underbred to do so in a theater. But I've always keep the impression of Asian people polite, highly cultured and steeped in propriety, with lots of etiquettes and rites. So what they did made me down little bit though I really enjoyed the great show and appreciated the marvelous job the crew did. I could not help from asking our guide why. The answer is that's really a shame. People may not realize that it's impolite. If you tell them you think that's very impolite, they would easily accept but in vain for the next time. Why is that? Anybody can give me an answer? Please~~

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