Shaoxing--the Hometown of Celebrities
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Wave the Flag in the Name of Lu Xun, and Develop a Program of the Well-known City in Depth
------- The First Lu Xun Cultural and Art Festival Will Be Hold in the Ancient City of Shaoxing
Sponsored by the Art Division of the Cultural Ministry, the Cultural Department of Zhejiang Province and the People’s Government of Shaoxing City, the First Lu Xun Cultural and Art Festival will be hold in the ancient city of Shaoxing this October in the golden fall season. The festival of this name will be hold every two year later on. It is scheduled to last one week and nearly twenty activities of culture, economy & trade and tourism will be on during this period of time.
To cast a “Gold Name Card ”, show the new image of the city and promote a great development is the theme of the first Festival. What’s more, this festival will be hold on the following train of thought: approaching the hometown of Lu Xun, appreciating the local conditions and social customs of the ancient Yue Kingdom, feeling the cultural atmosphere of the well-known city, focusing on the Lu Xun’s Culture, the Wine Culture and the Water Culture. It will be there with a vivid characteristics and colorful varieties. So we assure that it will be an art festival that has a certain of nation-wide influence. Culture is the most attractive characteristic and endowment of Shaoxing’s tourism. Taking the landscape, humane place of interests and the look of the ancient city as its distinguishing feature, Shaoxing has shown people a watchword of “ Appreciating the Best South China’s Local Customs in Shaoxing, Experiencing the Best South China’s Culture in Shaoxing and Seeing the Best South China’s Ancient City in Shaoxing” sine last year. And this has made cultural tourism the most potential industry in Shaoxing. In order to make culture give more motive power to the development of the economy, in Shaoxing, they are going to joint conferences and festivals together, making 2003 year’s yellow wine festival and water city customs tourism festival parts of the First Lu Xun Cultural and Art Festival. Thus, Shaoxing will not only show its look and the achievements of economical and social development as an historical & cultural well-known city, but also can assemble people and business opportunities, and promote the mutual development of culture and economy.
Shaoxing is the hometown of Lu Xun. He was born there. He grow up among the mountains and rivers of Shaoxing, and he was fed with the culture there. Lu Xun’s works, thoughts, characters and spirits had all deeply rooted in original place of Shaoxing. Lu Xun spent one third of his life in Shaoxing and left a great number of outstanding works that reflect the local people and customs of Shaoxing. Lu Xun belongs to Shaoxing as well as the whole world. Half of the reputation of Shaoxing thanks to Lu Xun. It has been a long time that the Shaoxing people have been doing the programs about Lu Xun. Famous schools named after Lu Xun, such as Lu Xun Primary School, Lu Xun Secondary School, Shuren Secondary School and Lu Xun Foreign Language School, have contributed a lot in Shaoxing’s education. Lu Xun Library, Lu Xun Museum, Lu Xun Cinema in the art aspect and Lu Xun Road, Lu Xun Square in the aspect of the city construction, etc., are showing everywhere the influence from Lu Xun. The name of “Lu Xun ”has been a valuable signboard with golden characters. “Xianheng” Hotel and “Kong Yiji” Local Procucts have been continuously developed under the effect of celebrity, getting a satisfying economic benefit. And Lu Xun is the most attractive characteristic and endowment of Shaoxing’s tourism.. They received more that 10 million tourists in the year of 2002. Half of Shaoxing’s charm to the tourists just comes from Lu Xun. Lu Xun is the ever-bright light cherished by Shaoxing’s people.
In order to affect the tourists with the local conditions and customs described in Lu Xun’s works, Shaoxing has been abiding by the theory that “Culture Is the Soul of the City”. Lu Xun Road, the Native Place of the Calligraphy Sage, Bazi Bridge and other historical blocks in the city proper had been reconstructed. Major on the Street related to Lu Xun and Lu Xun’s Former Residence, the protecting project of Lu Xun’s native place was invested on billion yuan (RMB). The first section of this project was finished and opened to the tourists at the end of September. The reconstructed Lu Xun’s Native Place reproduces young Lu Xun’s living environments in the period between the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, shows the unique little town customs and interests of Shaoxing.
It is one of the most important steps to develop the program related to Lu Xun in depth to held the First Lu Xun Cultural and Art Festival. To held the festival named after Lu Xun fully shows Shaoxing people’s cherishing of Lu Xun, and also indicates regional culture of Shaoxing. To held the festival will not only publicize Shaoxing with its celebrity effect, promote the construction of Shaoxing as “a well-known city in culture and a great city in tourism”, but also can contribute a lot in making people from both home and abroad get to know today’s Shaoxing through knowing Lu Xun. In order to make a notable city in culture, since last year, they have made use of preparation of the “Seven Arts Festival”, constructing some theaters, museums, stadiums and other public places, newly creating six opera programs, among which the Shaoxing Opera true and false Monkey King  and the Yue Opera Informal Story of Mulan have been selected by the Zhejiang Provincial Preparing Committee as the participating programs for the “Seven Arts Festival”.
The First Lu Xun Cultural and Art Festival will be hold in Shaoxing’s city proper from October16 to October 22. It will include the opening ceremony of the Festival and the large-scale evening art gala------Shexi, the festival time theatrical performance in the village of rivers and lakes, the completing ceremony of Lu Xun Movie City and the opening ceremony of the movie showing week on Lu Xun’s works, the completing ceremony of the Shaoxing Great Theatre and the public show of selected programs in the “Seven Arts Festival”, special programs show, masses amusement activities on the square, shows of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy on the local conditions and customs of Lu Xun’s hometown, soliciting articles or essays on the theme of “ Lu Xun and the World”, recommending and introducing Conference on the investing environment of Shaoxing’s new industrial districts in Hangzhou Gulf, contracting ceremony on some major programs, economic and trade invest talks, the engaging ceremony of the economic consultant for the people’s government of Shaoxing, international friendship cities’ contract ceremony, mayors’ forum of cities with rivers and lakes, the 50th anniversary of Lu Xun’s museum, recommending and introducing conference of the views on Shaoxing from 100 personages who are from the tourism circles from both home and abroad, the forum on the protection and use of China’s celebrities’ former residences, the 2th tourism festival of China’s five mountain town, East Lake’s black-cover boat local customs festival, Jian Lake golden fall tourism festival and Lu Town’s opening to the outside world ceremony, etc.
Shaoxing, which is praised by Chairman Mao Zedong, as “the hometown of celebrities” has a history of nearly 2,500 years. There came out countless famous persons from this mysterious land And among the 40 celebrities on China Century Altar in Beijing, there are 4 who are from Shaoxing, which can’t be shouldered among all China’s cities. This city not only has a deep deposit of culture and history, but also a prosperous economy with a certain position among the top 30 best economically developed Chinese cities.

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