Family Tour of Classic China w
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This is one of the most popular tours with families with children. It integrates children's education and entertainment with the whole tour, encouraging children to learn about this country's culture, language, geography and history in an easy and fun way. The escort tutor will be a national guide, a teacher and a friend of your family and the children. The tour tutor will give a Mandarin class almost every morning or evening. Kite flying will be arranged for the children probably in Beijing or Yangshuo. There will be two opportunities for easy biking, first on the top of Xi'an City Wall, the other in the picturesque countryside near Yangshuo. There is also opportunity for the children to visit a local school to have fun with school children there. A cooking class, a panting class may also be arranged in Yangshuo or Guilin.

Temple of Heaven in Beijing
  • the place where the ancient emperors used to pray for the God's blessing for the whole nation
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