Drying Clothes Festival 2011
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 Drying Clothes Festival will be held in Longji Jinkeng Terraces scenic area on July 6, 2011. Numerous visitors and shutterbugs from all over the world will gather here to celebrate this festival with Yao ethnic groups. 

As the most important festival for Yao people, Drying Clothes Festival is annually celebrated on June 6 of Chinese Lunar Calendar. On this day, married daughters and sons-in-law will bring ducks, drinks and presents to go back to husbands’ home with children to have a reunion diner and every family will make Zongzi. Yao people will hang out their clothes in the sun so the festival has got its name. 

Besides, many traditional and attractive programs will be held, such as folk show, campfire party and fireworks show, etc.

Welcome to Longji to experience this interesting festival with us!

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