Mt. Mao’er, the First Peak in South China
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Mt. Mao’er, as the source region of Li River, Zi River and Xun River, is considered as the ‘First Peak in South China’ and the highest peak-Peak Shenmao is at an elevation of 2141.5m.  

It locates in Xing’an Town and is rich in natural resources, such as animals and plants. Because of the distinct topography and unique climate, Mt. Mao’er is famous for sunrise, sunset, seas of clouds, misty rain and snow.

The Mt. Mao’er Scenic Spot offer 19-seat mini buses for travelers at the foot of the mountain and there is a tour guide on every bus. It takes one and a half hours to reach the hotel on the top of the mountain.

(Picture Source: BBS GUILINLIFE.COM)

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