White peach Blossom???
By: Su_R on 3/29/2012 1:26:53 AM Category: Travel Notes
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 Every March, peach blossoms are blooming in and around Gongcheng county. And the festival is for every local people and new-comer to “appreciate the beauty of peach blossoms, live in ecological homes, eat green food and be happy immortals". 

But as for us, who live in the city center and have no free time to travel around, are desired to have a nice time in the world of peach blossom as well as enjoying the breath of spring.

How stunning. On the way to Yao Mount, three white peach blossoms caught my eyes. Instantly, it makes me feel that how pure it is and the petal is as white as the jade. A flower is just like an excellent work polished by the greatest artist. I think that the white peach blossom is quite different from the normal. They are not pink or red. They are pure white and leave a sacred purity impression on me.

Also, along the way to Yao Mount, there are many delicious local food and some family restaurants, you can go to taste it and maybe they will delight you surprisely.

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