Communication from You & I--Visitors visited the Office of CET
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On April 6-8, 2012, ELSA GUIN ATAROD and JUANA CAM, the two foreign tourists, visited Guilin with the ultimate service of China Expedition Tours (CET) throughout the trip. They went sightseeing of various landscapes of the beautiful Li River and other wonderful places and beautiful things, and both were marveled at the amazing scenery of Guilin. They fall deeply in love with views of Guilin about its hospitality people, wonderful food, comfortable weather and so on. To show their deep gratitude and support to the staff members of CET, ELSA GUIN ATAROD and JUANA CAM brought those members lots of gifts from their hometown and other places all over the world; meanwhile, the staff members also expressed their kindness, warmness, regards, and gratitude to the strong support and sincere regards of the foreign guests. 
They visited the office of CET with profoundly appreciation. The travel advisor, a kind-hearted, warm-kind, and beautiful girl, Susan Gong, accepted the foreign friends coming from the other continent and had a deep conversation with them in the meeting room. The whole process was ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. At the last, the guests took photos with the staff members to make it a life-long memory.
“We love Guilin so much and we will come to Guilin again to enjoy the splendid scenery with our families and friends next time.” ELSA GUIN ATAROD and JUANA CAM said. They also expected and believe that the CET will step to higher position with the high quality service, high level operations and top staff in future.
All the staff of the CET will fight for providing better, higher and more perfect services with hospitality, carefulness, patience and circumspection work style.  They will endeavor to serve each customer and satisfy every guest and march to a better tomorrow with the spirit of united cooperation and pioneering enterprise. At the same time, they will keep the belief that if you give us a trust and we will make it a responsibility.

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