How to spend a frugal weekend in Hong Kong
By: Emily on 5/22/2012 12:34:52 AM Category: Travel Notes

Hong Kong may be known for its glitzy skyline and plethora of high-end opportunities to blow money like bubbles in the summertime, but that kind of high-flying lifestyle isn't conducive to many (or most) travelers. So we asked Gillian Chu, a Hong Kong based blogger (you'll need a VPN or proxy in China to get around the Great Firewall), for some tips on how to see the city without seeing the bottom of your wallet. Here are a few of her suggestions.
Parts of Hong Kong may be as materialistic as it gets, but the city does offer some non-shopping alternatives for those who would like to explore the city's natural scenery; it may be a surprise to some, but Hong Kong isn't just made up of shopping malls. In fact, it's also famous for the beaches and mountains that surround the city, many of which are within an hour's ride from downtown and the Central Business District. We even get travelers that come over especially for the hiking and surfing. Here are a few secret hideaways known mainly to the locals that won't be a burden your wallet.


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