Chongqing in Brief

Lying in the eastern Sichuan Basin deep inside the mainland of China, Chongqing has been suffering from the heat, especially in summer when the temperature will be up to 43℃, thus Chongqing is worthy of the name as Stove. In addition, owing to surrounded by the mountains and fog, Chongqing is hailed as the City of Mountain and the City of Fog.

Grotto Art in Dazu County Three Gorges

As the largest city in China, Chongqing harbors 54 ethnic minorities almost 30 millions in total, among which one in fifty is believer of Buddhism, Taoism, Islamism, Christian or Catholicism. With a history of over 3,000 years and a glorious revolutionary tradition, Chongqing is a famous historic and cultural city as well as the largest industrial and commercial center in the southwest of China.

Chongqing is a combination of picturesque natural landscapes and splendid human landscapes. The long history together with brilliant culture, mighty mountain and winding rivers makes up the attractive scenic spots, historic relics and magnificent landscape, among which there is no lack of the incredibly amazing sceneries.

Such historical sites as the Chongqing Museum, Hongyan Memorial Hall of Revolution, Grotto Art in Dazu County, Geleshan Revolutionary Martyrs Tomb, Lingyuan, Kongyuan and some other Wartime Capital remains can be a sumptuous feast of culture. In addition, charming natural spots around this mysterious mountain city has appealed to a growing number of tourists from near and far, among which Three Gorges, Beautiful Natural Scenery in Wansheng, the Stone Sculptures in Dazu, North Hot Spring Park, Eling Park and Nanshan Park and Wansheng Yunan Stone Forest, Wulong Furong Cave, Nanchuan Jingfu Hill, Forest Park are situated are the outstanding ones.

Thanks to the exceptional geographic advantage -- Yangtze River -- Chongqing has been enjoying a high population among the visitors from near and far.


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