Chongqing Transportation

Getting There

Chongqing is a developed city equipped with sophisticated transportation system consisting of waterway, airline railway and highway, which makes itself a traffic hub of the southwestern China.

By Air
Chongqing Jiangbei Airport (ZUCK), 21 km (13 miles) away from the city center, is one of the three major aviation hubs in the southwestern area. Flights from the main cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tengchong, Lahsa, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as from the international cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Nagoya, Bangkok, Munich and Duesseldorf can get to Chongqing directly.

Ticket Service Office
Business Hours: 7:30 -- 8:00
Location: No. 161, the third Zhongshan Road

Get to Airport
Airport Bus from the Shangqing Temple passing by the Cygnet Hotel from 6:00 to 21:00 will bring you to the airport costing 35 minutes and 15 CNY.

By Train
Chongqing Railway Station is the juncture of three main national trunk lines: the Chuan-Qian Railroad (from Chongqing in the north to Guiyang in the south), the Cheng-Yu Railroad (from Chengdu in the west to Chongqing in the east) and the Xiang-Yu Railroad (from Xiangfan, Hubei in the east to Chongqing in the west). On these three lines, travelers can go to the main cities in China, including Beijing (25 hours), Shanghai (39 hours), Xian (15 hours), and Chengdu (10 hours). In addition, you can get to Chongqing by railway directly from Chengdu, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan and Lanzhou.

By Ship
Thanks to the exceptional geographic advantage -- Yangtze River -- Chongqing has its waterway transportation well developed. At the junction of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, the Chongqing Chaotian Gate Dock, is one of the busiest ports in China. Besides, Chongqing is the best starting point for a Yangtze River cruise, from where you can take your cruise down the Yangtze River to Wuhan or Yichang, which is now a popular and lovely tour line. There are four categories of boats: the star-rated boat, the foreign tourist boat, the domestic tourist boat, and the common passenger boat.

By Long Distance Bus
The developed highway system around Chongqing provides a lot convenience for the tourists to get into Chongqing from the nearby cities by long distance buses. There are four long distance bus stations in Chongqing.

Getting Around


  Flag-down Fare (CNY) Over 3km (CNY)/km
Daytime (6:00 -- 22:00) 8 1.8
At Night (22:00 -- 6:00) 8.9 2.25

A new transportation system BRT(Bus Rapid Transit), which consists of 10 lines, has been in operation since 2009. No. 1, 2 and 3 have been put into operation and others are under construction.

Public City Bus
Chongqing is furnished with a sophisticated bus system that is generally self-service ticketing. The fare is CNY 1 or CNY 2, and you have to prepare the coins or smackers of CNY.

Cableway and Metro
Cableways flying over the rivers are the unique transportation in Chongqing. There are two cableways before, and one of which has been suspended since 2011. Besides, Chongqing’s metro system is well developed, which consists of metro No. 1, 2, 3 and 6.




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