Qiandongnan in Brief

Guizhou is an ideal resort where the customs are traditionally plain, the climate is incredibly pleasant and the landscapes are extremely charming. For centuries, the strategic significance of Guizhou never changed, thus many, over 700, historic sites are well preserve here. Besides, the particular geographic condition gives birth to the distinctive natural sceneries, such as the Huanguoshu Falls, Feiyun Cliff, the boundless Weining Ses of Grasses and the shinning bizarre Danxia Landform. What’s more, the capital of Guizhou is one of the best resorts to retreat the summer.

Diping Wind and Rain Bridge, Qiandongnan Travel, Qiandongnan Guide Miao people, Qiandongnan Travel, Qiandongnan Guide
The southeast Guizhou is a land of gorgeous and colorful minority cultures and treasures. Miao, Dong, Yao, Zhuang, Tujia Buyei and Molao ethnic minorities dwell here together to make this area full of local ethnic flavor. The intelligent, hard-working and hospitable minorities have created many magnificent arts, such as the Drum Tower, Wind and Rain Bridge and the Ganlan-style Architecture.

Over 200 annually celebrated festivals and the most famous Chinese wine, Maotai, are another way of telling us how rich the local cultures are. Having seen too many natural landscapes, the distinctive sceneries in such a minority area may catch your eyes, making you reluctant to leave before experience all the infrequently seen cultures.
Drum Tower, Qiandongnan Travel, Qiandongnan Guide Zhaoxing Dong Village, Qiandongnan Travel, Qiandongnan Guide
Located in the Yunnan- Guizhou Plateau, Guizhou, though the geographic environment is somehow harsh, has command of abundant natural resources. Water resource, rare mineral resource, vast forest, treasured animal and plants species here rank in front of many other area in China. The most famous attractions in the are are Diping Wind and Rain Bridge, The Drum Tower, Basha Miao Village and Kaili Area.


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